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The company was established in 2011 as a passion project by the founder Natasha Francis and the co-founder, her daughter Keyani Reuben. As expatriates from South London, with Jamaican heritage, living in the luxuries of sun-kissed South East Asia, the duo was driven by a strong empathic need to help a group of refugee women who were living under a bridge near Kuala Lumpur city centre. Through the development of local relationships and corporate partnerships, the founding team was able to help support the women with necessities like dry food, toiletries, furniture, and financial aid. This led to the conceptual development of the brand with the objectives of raising awareness and supporting these efforts in a sustainable way. Just a year later, BAM hosted its very first CSR event which facilitated the bringing together of women we supported and those who generously offered their support.


One of the most challenging issues with the prisons in Malaysia is overcrowding, closely followed by a lack of financial and psychological support. With minimum wages for civil wardens and government officials, this causes very poor humanitarian standards. These are just a few challenges that can affect a smooth running government establishment.

By creating a supportive social awareness through donations, donors, sponsors volunteers and social engagement. (PIP) Malaysia aims to be a highly respected and recognizable vehicle to help individual criminally charged cases in their release and development back into society.

Creating  positive change, rehabilitation, employment skills, personal development,  to their future goals.



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The joint partnership between the CPFA  & BAM is for the release and support of prisoners in Malaysia. The working relationship benefits the community by providing them with a sense of self-love and the opportunity to rebuild themselves as valued human being.
We truly appreciate the collaboration with BAM.

Stephen K Thiagarajah

President of Catholic Prison Fellowship Association

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